STEALING HOPE – The powerful story of one family’s relentless pursuit to find hope.

Part thriller. Part mystery. Part road-trip. 100% feel-good novel. Start reading today and share with a friend tomorrow!

St Simons Press proudly presents STEALING HOPE in a variety of “literary flavors,” such as: eBook, Paperback, Hardback & Audiobook. You can order here (fulfilled by Amazon), or directly on AMAZON, iTUNES or AUDIBLE.

eBook $399 Paperback $1499 Hardback $2499 * Find more details about each version below

This story is full of interesting & lovable characters bound together in a page-turning plot.

MML, amazon

“Stealing Hope is a story about family and how our lives are all separate, yet intertwined.”

Ralph Henderson, Charlotte, NC

“I just hope Temple has another one in the works!”

Franklin Dean
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